Why Visiting The Vet May Solve Your Dogs Problem Behaviour

Behaviour problems can have many root causes. Many years ago when I worked as a veterinary technician, a client brought in a new dog who hadn’t been to a vet in many years. She was 7 years old, growled at everyone all the time and didn’t like being touched. The exam indicated that she was in desperate need of a teeth cleaning. The week following her dental surgery – and the removal of NINE rotten teeth – the owner brought her back for a recheck and couldn’t believe the difference. In only a week, the dogs disposition had completely changed. She was now a friendly, outgoing dog who enjoyed interacting with people again. The pain she had been in was the reason for her aggressive demeanour. So sometimes the first step in changing our dogs problem behaviour is a trip to the vet.

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Darcie Jennings
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