Puppy Socialization Tips for Social Distancing

If you’ve just brought a puppy home, you may be stressing out about how to socialize them right now with our current social distancing requirements.

Watching people outside the grocery store.

The good news is your pup doesn’t need to meet hundreds of people and dogs to be well socialized. In fact, for some dogs meeting all of those dogs and people every time they go out can overwhelm them and also teach them bad habits like pulling on the leash, ignoring commands and getting over excited every time they see someone on the street.

So I put together a short video talking about how to go about making sure you socialize your puppy well without having to worry about getting into anyone’s space. Click here to see it. The comments below this video are where you will find the ideas I mention.

If you don’t have Facebook, click here to watch the video on Youtube. 

Some of those ideas I mentioned in the video are:

Take your puppy shopping.
  • Play Youtube videos of kids playing at the park, thunderstorms, fireworks, traffic noise, construction, etc.
  • Dress your puppy up! You can use dog Halloween costumes or your own or your kids shorts and shirts
  • Dress yourself up. Wear crazy outfits, wigs, sunglasses, big hats, hoodies or a Halloween costume to get your pup used to unusual looking people.
  • Go for a walk at a shopping plaza or outside a grocery store. Exposure to people is an excellent way to socialize them that doesn’t involve touching or people in your personal space. 
  • Take them to Canadian Tire or other hardware store to explore new sights, smells, objects and sounds. This will also provide exposure to people. Bonus points if you take your pup for a ride in a shopping cart!
  • Get them to walk over unusual surfaces and objects. We use a tire pile at our Puppy SuperStart class. 
  • Put treats on the bottom of a cardboard box or kids wading pool then cover them with empty bottles or tetra packs.

Feel free to share your puppy socialization ideas with us either by email or comment on one of our videos. We’re still available to help guide you by one-on-one video coaching so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help. 

Until next time,
Darcie Jennings
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